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Fire protection for extraction systems

Prevent fires before they start

Dust suspended freely in the air is not only unpleasant and hazardous to the health of employees, but will become an explosive mixture in the appropriate concentration.
If bearings or system parts are defective, overheating can easily cause fires. Even more devastating are the dreaded dust explosions. If dust with a particle size below 0.5 mm mixes with air, a small spark can destroy an entire assembly hall. This happens quickly when ignition sparks occur during the processing of materials or an employee merely pulls a plug out of the socket. So from 20 grams of dust per cubic meter of air, the utmost caution is required. Even whirling up of deposited old dust – and be it through drafts or when a heavy sheet of metal falls to the floor – can increase the dust concentration in the air to borderline levels.

Fire and explosion protection is now at a high level thanks to science and professional associations. All hazards are well studied and elaborately documented. Now it is up to the entrepreneur to safeguard his business against fire, explosions and other health hazards caused by dust on the basis of the relevant regulations.
In doing so, we take into account the official requirements as well as the necessary protective measures, such as explosion protection, fire protection and sound insulation measures.
Wherever flammable materials are transported pneumatically, a fire or explosion can occur. Our automatic electronic spark detection and extinguishing system minimizes this potential hazard.

VALCO perforating systems are characterized by:



VDS approved depending on version


DIN EN ISO 9001 certified


10 bar extinguishing pressure


CO2 extinguishing systems


Spark detection

How does fire protection work in extraction and filtration systems?

According to the principle of “detect sparks, extinguish sparks”! Therefore, have sparks and ignition sources detected electronically and extinguished immediately fully automatically and without interrupting production. As soon as a spark enters the extraction system, a signal is immediately sent from the radio detector to the extinguishing device and the ignition source is extinguished even before a fire can start.

The operation of a spark detection and extinguishing system can be easily understood with the help of the principle sketch.

Triggers are sparks or smoldering nests that are generated during work processes and enter fire-prone plant areas via exhaust systems. Spark extinguishing systems detect sparks and prevent fires before they start.

With fire protection equipment from VALCO, you can immediately avoid property damage, production downtimes and – in the worst case – the endangerment of human life! Because: Once a spark ignites in extraction elements and filter systems, it is already too late. Dust fires and explosions unleash devastating effects. These fire incidents are a hazard to employees, cause high property damage, and result in business interruptions.

Our fire protection equipment is certified according to: DIN EN ISO 9001. The alarm is triggered by the FSK spark detector and indicated by the horn and flashing light. At the same time the extinguishing device starts

Funkenlöschanlagen für Filteranlagen
Argon spark extinguishing system for exhaust systems

Protection of a cartridge filter by spark extinguishing system withCO2 or argon extinguishing device

Are you looking for spark extinguishing systems for pneumatic extraction systems?

Fires and explosions are a hazard in industrial operations that should not be underestimated. In Germany alone, losses amounting to millions are incurred each year due to production stoppages and consequential damage. Spark extinguishing systems detect fires immediately prevent fires before they start.

We design and install automated and VDS-certified VALCO spark extinguishing systems. The spark extinguishing systems used have been specially developed for pneumatic extraction systems. Our equipment consists of the following components:

A control center coupled with the spark detector, a supply tank, the pressure vessel and the booster system with up to 10 bar extinguishing pressure for effective fire fighting.

Argon extinguishing system for exhaust systems

Argon extinguishing system

Cyclone pre-separator

Cyclone Spark Trap

mobile fan with frame

Spark extinguishing system

VALCO CO2 extinguishing system for filter layers
CO2 extinguishing system for dust collection system

ValcoCO2 extinguishing system

CO2 extinguishing system for exhaust systems

Engineering of complete plants

Tailored to your specific requirements

We supply complete extraction and filtration systems with filters, blowers, with and without soundproof enclosures and soundproof booths. Heat recovery systems or fire protection equipment are also designed as part of an overall system or integrated into an existing system as expansion modules.

Suction arms for suction at the origin
Extraction hoods for air pollution control
Extraction tables and flame cutting tables
Soundproof booths Icon
Fans for exhaust systems
Fire-protected filter layers
Explosion proof exhaust systems for rent


For questions and advice, please feel free to contact VALCO Customer Service. You can reach us by phone or write us an e-mail with the requirement profile for your dust collector. You can also contact a VALCO representative directly.