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Oil mist separator

Filtration of oily air

VALCO oil mist separators are characterized by:



Robust construction


Effective extraction and high separation efficiency


Modular construction


High energy saving potential


Long filter life


Complete systems tailored to your requirements

What are oil or emulsion mist separators?

Production processes, especially where cooling lubricants are used, generate oil and emulsion mist (often also smoke), the pollutant particles of which are potentially hazardous to health. Oil mist separators are used to filter these pollutant particles from air containing oil.

Milling, grinding, drilling and machining, for example: are work processes in which emulsions are used. Due to the high speed in the machining of workpieces, the cooling liquid is whirled up. Together with high temperatures, an undesirable oil and emulsion mist is created. These aerosols are a mixture of solid or liquid suspended particles and a gas. These aerosols are not only potentially hazardous to health because they can irritate the skin and eyes, for example. They can also damage equipment and, in the event of a fire, promote fire spread. This is why oil mist separators are indispensable for occupational health and safety in metalworking plants or in factories in the automotive industry.

By using HEPA filters as an additional filter stage, the system can also be operated in recirculation mode, which allows you to avoid heat loss. Moreover, unpleasant odors can be eliminated, due to the additional use of activated carbon filters.

Oil mist separator OUK 4000
Oil mist separator OUK 4000
Oil mist separator EAM in blue
3 EAM oil mist separator units

At VALCO you will find the right oil separator type

Our oil mist separators are efficient and modern devices, which are planned and realized by us according to your special requirements. We pay particular attention to energy efficiency, long filter service life and low maintenance costs.
Our oil mist separators are available for exhaust air or, on request, for recirculating air operation. In the latter case, we equip them with an additional HEPA filter stage. If you also need to separate harmful gases or solvent vapors as well as odors, an additional filter stage with activated carbon is suitable, which we are happy to supply as an option.
Our oil mist separators are usually equipped with multi-stage filtration and a ball valve or siphon for emulsion drainage.
High filter service life ensures low maintenance requirements.

Modular design of our oil mist separators

Due to the modular design of our equipment, we are able to treat a wide range of air volumes. To filter larger air volumes, we connect several modules in series in our oil mist separators or combine them to form a high-performance package. Thus, fans of the various performance levels with and without sound insulation can be flange-mounted or installed separately.


Multiple filter levels

The intake air is filtered in three stages: In the first stage, insert filters made of knitted metal mesh with self-cleaning effect are used. This alone means that VALCO plants already separate 70 percent of emulsions. The air then flows through special filter pockets designed for high absorption of cooling lubricant emulsions. In the third step, the air passes through the HEPA absolute filter with a filtration efficiency of 99.95 percent (filter class H13) or 99.995 percent (filter class H14 ). After this cleaning process, air can be returned to the working chamber without any problems.

Our oil mist separators at a glance:

Oil mist separator EAM
High-performance fine filter unit with five-stage filter system in modular design, flexibly adaptable, usable for volume flows from 4,000 to 60,000 m³/h.

Oil mist separator OUK
High-performance fine filter unit with up to four filter stages in standard design. Applicable for air volumes from 4,000 to 16,000 m³/h.

Oil mist separator OUPC
Compact, mobile oil mist separator with four filter stages, available with and without integrated fan. For volume flows of 500 and 1000 m³/h.

Possible applications of VALCO oil mist separators

Our oil mist separators are best suited for very light and oily dusts where the use of cartridge filters or bag filters would be too difficult. Our high-performance filter systems are particularly suitable for dedusting almost all production processes in the industrial sector.
The possible applications extend across a wide range of industries, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the plastics industry or the automotive industry.




Plastics industry


Chemical industry


Automotive industry


Pharmaceutical industry

When is an oil mist separator used?

Oil mist separators are used for filtering air pollutants or aerosols generated in production processes. Often, when machining workpieces, the workpiece is sprayed with coolants. This produces a fine oil or emulsion mist. These aerosols are usually hazardous to health, can damage sensitive machinery and materials, and often increase the risk of fire in the surrounding area.

What separation rates do our oil mist separators achieve?

Through our use of three five-stage filters, we achieve a separation efficiency of 99.95%. In this process, the air is passed through insert filters with metal mesh, special filter pockets and finally through a HEPA filter. Since collection efficiencies of H13 to H14 are achieved, the filtered air can be recirculated without any problems.

What air volumes can our oil mist separators filter?

Our oil mist separators are designed for an air volume of 500 – 20,000 m³/h, but the modular design allows us to combine several separators to filter a larger air volume range. Thus, a volume flow of more than 60,000 m³/h can be filtered.

Engineering of complete plants

Tailored to your specific requirements

We supply complete extraction and filtration systems with filters, blowers, with and without soundproof enclosures and soundproof booths. Heat recovery systems or fire protection equipment are also designed as part of an overall system or integrated into an existing system as expansion modules.

Suction arms for suction at the origin
Extraction hoods for air pollution control
Extraction tables and flame cutting tables
Soundproof booths Icon
Fans for exhaust systems
Fire-protected filter layers
Explosion proof exhaust systems for rent

Particularly low maintenance & long service life

Valco extraction systems are low maintenance

One of the quality features of our oil mist separators is the special consideration given to maintenance requirements. All our oil mist separators have a pre-separator integrated into the side of the filter housing. Coarse particles are dynamically separated via an S-baffle and thus pass directly into the discharge. This provides better protection for the filter elements, allowing for a longer service life. Also in the planning phase, we pay special attention to a long service life in addition to the effectiveness of the extraction system.

Valco extraction systems are low maintenance

Energy saving through our oil mist separators

Due to the high separation efficiencies, our oil mist separators are also suitable for recirculating air operation if designed accordingly. In addition, we usually supply our equipment with frequency converter. This allows fully automatic or manual adaptation of the suction power to the changing production conditions. Additional after-filters to achieve higher collection efficiencies (e.g. with HEPA HEPA filters of filter class H14 and higher) can be included in the design and supplied. In addition, we also plan and supply heat recovery systems if required. We will be happy to illustrate the high energy-saving potential by calculating ventilation heat losses.

Saving energy with Valco filtration systems
Our maintenance service with inspection sticker

Our maintenance service

After installation, acceptance and commissioning of VALCO extraction and filtration systems, we are also happy to offer you further service and maintenance services.
Our experienced service staff will be happy to carry out the legally required annual inspection of the filter system and extraction equipment, even for third-party brands.

Our maintenance service with inspection sticker


For questions and advice, please feel free to contact VALCO Customer Service. You can reach us by phone or write us an e-mail with the requirement profile for your dust collector. You can also contact a VALCO representative directly.