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Central vacuum cleaning system

Industrial vacuum cleaning systems with filters and fans for wood, metal, chemical and ceramic processing.

Central vacuum cleaning systems with high vacuum blowers are used for cleaning floors in industrial buildings, among others, or for cleaning machines and vehicles. Especially in car wash parks.

Dust – undesirable as well as dangerous

Dust floating freely in the air is not only unpleasant and hazardous to the health of employees, but can also be dangerous in the right concentration. For example, if machine parts become clogged, overheating can easily cause fires. Dust explosions are even more devastating. If dust with a particle size below 0.5 mm mixes with air, a small spark can trigger a dust explosion. In order to meet the requirements of occupational health and safety and to protect man and machine, attention must therefore also be paid to fire and explosion protection when planning and implementing the central vacuum cleaning system.Central vacuum cleaning systems also often involve working at several suction points at the same time, with the number and locations changing in the course of operation. Therefore, the suction power must be adjusted by means of appropriate control and regulation components.

Central vacuum cleaning systems from VALCO



Effective & energy efficient


Low maintenance




Robust construction


Complete central vacuum cleaning systems


Long service life

Central vacuum cleaning system ATEX soundproofed

Our vacuum cleaning systems are flexible

Our central vacuum cleaning systems are used in a wide range of industries. They are used, for example, in foundries, ceramic plants, car wash parks and grinding workplaces. Another field of application is found in the food industry.
We plan, supply and install complete central vacuum cleaning systems, including filter system, high-vacuum blower high-vacuum piping and associated components, as well as the system control with frequency converter for automatic control and adjustment of the suction power.
Our central vacuum cleaning systems use our cartridge or bag filter systems. The suction unit is usually a direct or V-belt driven high vacuum radial blower with up to 70 kPa vacuum. If necessary, explosion protection components are implemented that comply with the necessary directives and standards, such as the ATEX Directive.

Central vacuum cleaning systems provide occupational safety

Fire and explosion protection is now at a high level thanks to science and professional associations. All hazards are well studied and elaborately documented. Now it is up to the entrepreneur to safeguard his business against fire, explosions and other health hazards caused by dust on the basis of the relevant regulations.
Our central vacuum cleaning systems are used in a wide range of industries for air purification purposes. They are used, for example, in foundries, ceramic plants, car wash parks and grinding workplaces. Another field of application is found in the food industry. That is why VALCO GmbH is your cross-sector partner for dust removal technology in the industrial sector. Our task is air pollution control in a wide range of industries by means of stationary and mobile extraction and filtration systems for high and medium vacuum applications as well as collection elements such as extraction hoods, extraction arms and extraction tables. The services for our customers include not only the delivery of the plant components, but start much earlier. Namely, in the process-safe design of the equipment and the acquisition components as well as the CAD planning of the piping system.
In doing so, we take into account the official requirements as well as the necessary protective measures, such as explosion protection, fire protection and sound insulation measures.

Central exhaust system with high vacuum building
High vacuum blower MiCo

VALCO Mico turbine

VALCO MICO turbines

– One step ahead!

The decisive factor is the amount of air that is already specifically sucked away at the point of origin. At the heart of our central vacuum cleaning systems are our multistage MICO turbines, which ensure a constant vacuum even with variable volume flows. This makes them superior to a conventional rotary blower.
Our MICO turbines are one step ahead of all other systems on the market in terms of efficiency!
This can additionally be operated without a separate safety filter. Side channel blowers are ruled out due to the non-variable air volume (for e.g. 1 to 5 users), as they have only a small efficient bandwidth in terms of air volume.

High vacuum blower MiCo

VALCO Mico turbine

Central vacuum cleaning systems for industry

We offer central vacuum cleaning systems for a wide range of industries. For wood, metal, chemical and ceramic processing. We have also convinced our customers of our equipment and services in numerous car wash parks. Take a look at our references and sample projects.


Car wash parks




Ceramic processing


Wood industry





Why are high vacuum blowers used for central vacuum cleaning systems?

By using high vacuum blowers it is possible to realize long pipe or hose lines and high suction speeds. High vacuum blowers can handle high pressure drops and achieve high suction speeds in small pipe diameters. This is particularly necessary in the case of central vacuum cleaning systems or welding torch extraction.

What is the field of application of central vacuum cleaning systems?

Central vacuum cleaners can be used in many ways, traditionally they are used a lot in car washes. Central vacuum cleaning systems are also used in the automotive industry, for example in our grinding cabins. Use in the food industry or even in foundries is also no problem. Optionally, the filter unit can also be built explosion-proof.

What does the VALCO after-sales service look like?

We do not leave you alone after the purchase. In addition to a comprehensive planning and installation service, we are also always available for after-sales. Adjustments, extensions or repairs can be made to your soundproof booth at any time. Feel free to contact us!

Engineering of complete plants

Tailored to your specific requirements

We supply complete extraction and filtration systems with filters, blowers, with and without soundproof enclosures and soundproof booths. Heat recovery systems or fire protection equipment are also designed as part of an overall system or integrated into an existing system as expansion modules.

Suction arms for suction at the origin
Extraction hoods for air pollution control
Extraction tables and flame cutting tables
Soundproof booths Icon
Fans for exhaust systems
Fire-protected filter layers
Explosion proof exhaust systems for rent

Particularly low maintenance & long service life

Valco extraction systems are low maintenance

One of the quality features of our centralized filtration systems is the special consideration given to maintenance requirements. All our central vacuum cleaning systems have pre-separation integrated into the side of the filter housing. Coarse particles are dynamically separated via an S-baffle and thus pass directly into the discharge. This provides better protection for the filter elements, allowing for a longer service life. Automatic filter cleaning of the filter elements is differential pressure controlled using compressed air by our efficient, maintenance-free R-Jet cleaning system. Also in the planning phase, we pay special attention to a long service life in addition to the effectiveness of the extraction system.

Valco extraction systems are low maintenance

Energy saving through our central vacuum cleaning systems

Due to the high degrees of separation, all our vacuum cleaning systems are basically also suitable for recirculating air operation.
In addition, we usually supply our equipment with frequency converter. This allows fully automatic or manual adaptation of the suction power to the changing production conditions.
Additional after-filters to achieve higher collection efficiencies (e.g. with HEPA HEPA filters of filter class H14 and higher) can be included in the design and supplied.
In addition, we also plan and supply heat recovery systems if required. We will be happy to illustrate the high energy-saving potential by calculating ventilation heat losses.

Saving energy with Valco filtration systems
Our maintenance service with inspection sticker

Our maintenance service

After installation, acceptance and commissioning of VALCO extraction and filtration systems, we are also happy to offer you further service and maintenance services.
Our experienced service staff will be happy to carry out the legally required annual inspection of the filter system and extraction equipment, even for third-party brands.

Our maintenance service with inspection sticker


For questions and advice, please feel free to contact VALCO Customer Service. You can reach us by phone or write us an e-mail with the requirement profile for your dust collector. You can also contact a VALCO representative directly.