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New VDMA guideline “Detection of air pollutants”

Vortex draft hood

June 2021

The new VDMA guideline, in which VALCO GmbH played a major role, clearly and comprehensibly shows the most important principles around the detection of air pollutants. The guideline is also suitable for the non-expert as a good introduction to the subject matter, it deals with the most important topics of industrial air detection without trying to explain complex principles that are difficult to understand.
It also describes problems that may arise, provides hints on possible solutions and useful information for planning.
Filipe de Lima, from the steering committee of the expert panel, particularly emphasises the technical sketches, which are really easy to understand for the user and enable a deeper understanding of extraction technology.

The guideline is available in print and online from the VDMA, and can be downloaded free of charge.


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